Texas Will Not Abide by ATF Rule Criminalizing Private Gun Sales


Joe Biden has criminalized the private sale of guns by law-abiding citizens with an ATF rule. He changed the definition of a firearm dealer.

Before he did this, federally licensed firearm dealers were people engaging in the sale of firearms for “livelihood and profit.” In 2022, Joe Biden signed legislation that removed the word livelihood, which made way for a new ATF rule redefining firearm dealers. A firearm dealer is now anyone seeking to profit from a firearm sale.

This was done to criminalize regular private citizens who sold guns privately to relatives or friends or even non-working guns to collectors and didn’t do background checks. The rule goes too far. You couldn’t sell them as a business, and now you can’t sell them privately at all without government involvement.

This is the fraudulent gun show loophole that the left has attacked for years. The people selling at gun shows are legitimate firearms dealers, and they get background checks.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced that he’s gotten an injunction against this new ATF rule, which will not be enforced in Texas.

It appears to be unconstitutional. Private citizens should have the right to sell their guns in private sales without the government intervening with gun regulations that have been proven to not work in any case. They couldn’t do it as a livelihood without getting background checks. That should have been enough.

That doesn’t relieve the seller from responsibility if the gun is used unlawfully. They can be sued and lose everything.

Activists want to ban protected ownership of guns and claim the 2A only applies to muskets. Maybe this can be stopped.

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