Lib journalist decries MSM suppressing stories, lying, making up quotes


Glenn Greenwald is very left-wing, but he’s honest. Greenwald tries to keep the media honest at great personal expense, but he may one of the last men standing in the field of journalism.

To destroy the hated Donald Trump, they are destroying themselves. Who do they think they are fooling?

In the interview linked here, Mr. Greenwald discusses the political intel officials [Adam Schiff comes to mind] and their media allies manipulating the Democrat party.

He said it is “extraordinarily dangerous” for our democracy.

Editors in newsrooms are suppressing factual news stories to help Joe Biden to win, Greenwald noted. It’s “journalistic corruption” at a level he has never seen.

The interviewer played a clip of Chris Cuomo putting words in Attorney General William Barr’s mouth. Greenwald said it doesn’t surprise him. He said the media makes things up all the time, makes up quotes, and there is no accountability. They are actually rewarded for it because that “ultimately, that is their job.” The media is demonizing the NY Post-Hunter laptop story WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, he noted.


This video was posted by The conservador, who appears to be tied to the Conservative Treehouse.

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