Where is the MSM on this CEFC document?


The MSM is again sleeping their way through major news stories involving the possible corruption of a candidate for President. His running mate is also involved.

The newly-released documents from the Hunter laptop, the Bobulinski emails, and the Cooney emails prove over and over that this is a very serious story implicating the Bidens, including Chairman Joe, in illicit dealings with China. China happens to be a competitor and an enemy of ours.



  1. Republicans in name only defend the woodpecker. There was a funny meme going around during the W or Shrubya years featuring Jon Karl with the caption there is nothing like a steaming hot take from Karl.
    Need some IDE to SATA converters to dig all of these out of das Archive. Blogs were free back in the music/movie bonanza sharing days but Hussein the Immaculate shut all that down back in 2012 at the behest of Hollywood comrades.

  2. It’s too late, too close to the election to make much progress now.

    This is due to the corrupt DOJ and senate stonewalling everything.

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