Liberal Joe Rogan: “California Went Nuts, Man…Full Communist”


Joe Rogan praised Boston and the people who live there on his show. “In this fake world of leftist ideology that everybody’s trapped in there (California), just people, just regular people, man, and those people exist outside of these blue bubbles where everyone’s gone insane.

“I used to be part of the bubble, 100% the left-leaning person who lived in Los Angeles. I was 100% but never voted Republican my whole life.

“I was very left-leaning, especially with like any social issues. When it comes to financial things, I’m a little bit more conservative. But at the end of the day, way more left than I am right.

“California went nuts, man. It’s kind of like full communist; it’s out of its ******* mind, and their approach to law enforcement is so insane. It’s so insane: the no cash bail, the letting people out from committing violent crimes, the ******* not stopping people from stealing whatever money is is, was it $900 now? I think they raised it; I think they made it a little higher.

“San Francisco is nonexistent. San Francisco, most of San Francisco’s emptied out of, like big chain stores and big department stores. That’s crazy. They ruined the city…

“You can bring it back. The structure is still there, yeah, you have to have some ******** Rudy Giuliani type ************ to come in there and knock heads. ..

“And nobody wants that. Nobody wants that. They’re peace, love and granola and ******* wear a mask…”


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants the youth to listen to more of Joe Rogan and less legacy media.

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Save America
Save America
1 month ago

Glad to see people waking up, especially one with a huge following. How others don’t see the obvious is beyond comprehension. Wake up America, We’ve got a country to save!