Libs of TikTok Is Back with a Letter She Sent to Twitter


LIbs of TikTok is back, but we don’t know for how long. Angry Democrats are trying to nail her for hate speech simply for publishing statements by libs themselves on TikTok, and elsewhere. She has also done her own research, which is something the media will not do.

Washington Post’s hit woman Taylor Lorenz is distraught over Libs of TikTok’s return, already ripping into the creator.

Libs or TikTok creator Chaya Raichik’s crime was exposing a hospital that admitted to performing hysterectomies on trans minors. She was viciously attacked and suspended for seven days. She revealed that Boston Hospital was publicly advertising the practice, using their own documents.

Chaya delved deeper and found that the Children’s National Hospital in DC was engaged in this barbarism. They advertised transgendering between the ages of 0-21 for gynecological care, gender-affirming care, and hysterectomies.

Gender-affirming care includes carving out a girl’s insides.

Chaya sent a letter to Twitter threatening a lawsuit if they permanently suspended her. She sent this letter: d5ffd310-fb17-43c2-b533-15a138df400d.pdf


The Washington Post (WaPo) cares nothing about the victims or the person who called in the threats. They only care about destroying the messenger who told the truth.

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1 year ago

Most Liberals are mentally ill people. Even they know it which is why they want control of the Media and all free speech.