Lightfoot’s BLM-census cowboy rode his horse until he bled & near-death (video)


A heartless Black Lives Matter activist rode his horse until it bled to get his message across. He was appointed by Mayor Lightfoot to become Chicago’s ‘Census Cowboy.’

What kind of person does something like this? It’s animal cruelty.

The ‘Dreadhead Cowboy,’ as he is known drove the horse so hard he would have died had he not been treated immediately. He still might have to be euthanized.

According to Cook County prosecutors, the treatment of the horse was the equivalent of forcing an 80-year-old woman to run a full marathon.

Adam Hollingsworth, 33, was held on a $25,000 bond during a court appearance Wednesday. He was charged with a felony count of aggravated cruelty to an animal, as well as misdemeanor counts of reckless conduct, trespassing, and other traffic offenses. He must pay 10% of that amount, $2,500, to be released from jail.

Perhaps he is just not bright, but one would think he’d have to know what he was doing.

Hollingsworth works with Mayor Lori Lightfoot to boost census participation in Chicago. He said he rode the horse on the expressway during rush hour in support of the #KidsLivesMatter movement. That is an initiative that aims to raise awareness and motivate residents to fill out the census to help communities receive better funding.

But Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Deboni said the horse was ill-equipped for this ride and was run almost to death.


The horse did not have on proper shoes for the pavement, which caused bleeding and “extensive damage” to its health. Police began following and then the horse collapsed.

The horse suffered greatly from extreme dehydration, overheating, and lacerations to its front legs that caused “profuse” bleeding.

“The horse’s eyes were dilated to the point they looked like cartoon eyes,” Deboni said.

His attorney said Hollingsworth loves and cares for animals. If that’s the case, he’s simply a moron.

In a video posted to Facebook, Hollingsworth could be seen riding down the expressway with a motorcycle escort and yelling “kids lives matter.”

“All imma say until we focus on Kids lives matter this gone keep happening,” he wrote on Facebook ahead of the ride.

Despite those intentions, Cook County Judge David Navarro said the horse itself couldn’t have known that it was being used as part of a protest.

“The horse only knows how it’s been treated,” he said. “And it would appear from (the prosecution’s proffer) that that treatment was criminal.”


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3 years ago

This idot rider needs to be horse whipped for how he mistreated that horse. What he did was blatant animal cruelty, a criminal offense. As for Lightfdoot , the grossly inept mayor of Chicago, she needs foot with steel toed boot in her useless ass. That ride had nothing to do with kids and their lives, that do matter. It had to do with a corrupt agenda. If Lightfoot and this jerk cared about kids they would do a lot more about arresting and imprisoning criminals. Defund the mayor fire her without a pension.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

At one time a stretch of the Dan Ryan expressway was in the Guinness Book as the busiest road on Earth.

We are all out in the suburbs and and most do not consider visiting their hometown.