Lincoln Project grifters soaked Dem donors of $39 million


The Lincoln Project is an organization of alleged never Trumpers who are actually lifelong grifters. What a joke these people are. They soaked Democrat donors of more than $39 million — for nothing.

The leaders of the Project are George Conway, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and John Weaver. They think they have street creds because they claim to be Republicans. Meanwhile, they are also working to turn the Senate and the presidency over to the Socialist Democrats. They say it’s punishment for Republicans who support Donald Trump.

Who in their right mind thinks that is a mature, reasonable approach?

The National Review calls The Lincoln Project, ‘The Grifter Project.’ They have raked in tens of millions of dollars, making them quite rich.

They burned a staggering $13 million on operating expenditures, made $23.9M of IEs (mostly routed into its founder’s firms), and ended with $13.2M on hand.


Most of the money will enrich their lives, and some are going for nothing.

They received $300,000 from dark money. Those are the sneaky bad dudes like George Soros.

Lincoln Project is scum. You can have them, Democrats, and they can have your money.

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