Lindsey! Hold Hearings w/ Fed Officers Wounded by “Peaceful Protesters”


Will someone please remind Senate Republicans, that it’s not only Democrats who can hold congressional hearings.  The GOP has every right to do the same thing.

After the Dem’s unconscionable, disrespectful treatment of Attorney General William Barr it’s way past time for Sen. Lindsey Graham to wake up.  As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey is to the upper chamber, what Jerry Nadler is to the House.

Sen. Graham, with his party holding a majority in the Senate, should be able to call for witnesses the same way the virtually always abrasive, and blindly partisan Nads has in the lower chamber.

Here’s a thought.  Tuesday, Democrats basically scolded people not to believe their lying eyes regarding the rioting, arson, and physical attacks on the federal courthouse in Seattle.  Lindsey could blow up that whole Nadler “myth” by simply bringing in some of those brave law enforcement officers who’ve been wounded or injured while defending it.

Heroes perhaps permanently blinded by lasers, burned by powerful fireworks, or suffering other bodily injuries should make for very compelling eye witness testimony.  It would force Dems to choose between keeping their provably ridiculous peaceful protesters mantra or discrediting the brave souls trying to save a federal courthouse from being destroyed.

If there’s the legitimate fear of these men and women being doxxed by anarchists, Republicans should make a powerful point of that, and take whatever precautions may be needed to protect their identity during public hearings.

The agents could be vetted as to their legitimacy by both parties prior to their appearance. Then, if there was a need to keep their names and faces from the cameras, make the proper arrangements.

If all that seems to be the kind of steps taken in other, more lawless countries, the imagery should drive home the dangerous state of affairs we’re facing even further.

Given the life-threatening experiences these federal officers have faced, it’s the least we can do.

Given the growing threat a radicalized Democrat Party poses to our nation, it’s the very least Sen. Lindsey Graham can do.

If not now, when Lindsey?

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