Linguists demand decolonization of English to ‘unlearn white supremacy’


A professional organization of linguists is calling for the decolonization of the English language. They want to completely change how it is taught and used in schools. The ‘experts’ claim the English language is entrenched in white supremacy and “anti-black linguistic racism.”

My undergraduate degree is in English and my course requirements included linguistics. One thing that stood out is a lot of communists write the theory. I don’t know if it’s still that way.


The subcommittee with the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) has released a list of dozens of demands that call for immediate changes to “the White Mainstream English” language in order to “decolonize” students’ minds and the English language and help students “unlearn white supremacy,” LaCorte News reported.

The news agency added, “The language of Black students has been monitored, dismissed, demonized—and taught from the positioning that using standard English and academic language means success,” a group of five English professors and a writing scholar wrote in an article titled “This Ain’t Another Statement! This is a DEMAND for Black Linguistic Justice!”

This “creates a climate of racialized inferiority toward Black Language and Black humanity,” they wrote.

One of the demands is for teachers and researchers to accept that the language is entrenched with white supremacy and whiteness and that contributes to anti-black linguistic racism. Therefore, teachers must stop telling black students to learn standard English.

Teachers must reject negative perceptions of black language (Ebonics?). They say it leads to hate, shaming, and spirit murdering.

So, let them speak however they want? We bow to poor use of language instead of the other way around.

Black language is allegedly glorious culturally. It’s not clear how far they want to take this.

The Conference on College Composition and Communication are DEMANDING the changes for the sake of black linguistic justice.


The professors who wrote the statement include Michigan State University Professors April Baker-Bell and Lamar Johnson; Cal State University Fullerton Professor Bonnie Williams-Farrier; Boston University Professor Davena Jackson; and Texas Christian University Carmen Kynard.

The sixth member is English scholar Teaira McMurtry, who is affiliated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The statement describes the authors as “Black Language scholars whose lived experiences as Black Language speakers inform [the association’s] teaching, scholarship, research, and activism.”

So far, 2,200 people liked this statement.

The Conference itself has been around since 1949 and is said to be the world’s largest professional organization for researching and teaching composition,  They are big on diverse writing.

It’s unclear how powerful this group is, but it’s the entirely wrong direction and it’s Marxist.



    • Stop confusing education with learning…but this group appears to have also missed the “learning boat” and had to settle for the “stupid skiff”…thus the word education is way beyond their comprehension…

  1. If this is a real story about Black language. Then let them decide which language they want use. Then in our education system use proper English language. As Americans we speak English as our primary language, we do that so everyone will have a common language to discuss ideas and other things with each other.
    If you don’t want to communicate with everyone or anyone else, then you can learn this new language and not communicate with anyone else at all.

    • They do not wish to communicate…one needs a couple of working brain cells for that…they prefer obfuscation to hide their ignorance…soon they will be grunting circa 50,000 BC…

  2. Somebody needs to point out that there is no white whatever. Caucasians comprise 5 to 10 percent of the world population. By far the minority. Why don’t these so called “linguists” rant about swahili.

  3. What is happening is that blacks are being treated as if they have a learning disability. In the old days this was called being retarded or later it was called special ed. (Which I used to teach. I was a SPED teacher.) Now blacks (and browns?) don’t have to learn how to speak properly, dress properly (pants down to their…), use proper math skills, can enter college with lower qualifications, get hired because of their color and not their qualifications, fight with police with no repercussions, be excused from having identification when they vote, have safe spaces in college because they might be triggered, etc, etc, etc. I can’t believe tha majority want this.

  4. Linguistics is quite an analytical field, any dedicated and competent linguist would not hold these irrational Marxist views.

  5. I have a great idea. Let’s have Cardi B write the English language curriculum and then have her teach the classes. We’ll just use all her Instagram rants and YouTube videos for the lessons. Ja no wat i sayin, nig?

  6. Oh good! We can all learn Ebonics! LOL! I jest. Probably more likely the Democrats would use Newspeak. They already use Memory Holes…

  7. Apparently just “dumbing down” ain’t enough
    Speaking real English is just too tough

    Ya gots to no’s what’s up to be street wise
    So ya look’s real cool with da otter guys

  8. English is the universal language, the language used in international business because it is so adaptable. That said, these linguists are doing their part as useful idiots to set the US up for failure which is a goal of the globalist left. Remember, just a few years ago these same idiots were demanding the teaching of Ebonics. I believe some even wanted the abbreviated slang used in instant messages or other electronic messaging taught in schools. Why I don’t know because it changes quite often when new words are made up. I’m not trying to be racist or anything but just making an observation. Most Black people I know speak either very good English or they are very understandable. However some I call mush mouth who don’t even try to be understood relying on their street whatever. I can’t understand them very well but I deal with them the best I can. So I wonder, what do these stupid linguists want taught; Ebonics, sort of good English or mush mouth? Or maybe some African tribal language.

  9. Since the most common “language” in today’s world is binary, let’s make it the new global standard for everyone in the 21st century and beyond. Since it is made up of 1s and 0s, it should be easy to learn. Heck, even computers are already fluent with it.

    BTW…The same ain’t true with binary math, i taught it for a couple of years in computer networking courses, and the most common response from students was “HUH” (or, more often, a common synonym of ‘huh’ that cannot be used on this site).

    CPO, USN Retired

    P.S. One of the most creative scenes in the TV series NCIS is when McGee and Delilah are speaking to each other in binary so the rest of the team cannot understand them.

  10. For about a hundred years or so most people who graduated from high school were literate. If the masses can’t read and write they are quite a bit easier to control. One of the things that pushed Europe into the dark ages after the fall of Rome was most peasants couldn’t read or write. This is what the Marxist Left desires in the United State, destroy good English skills and you destroy the middle and working classes.

  11. “Linguists demand decolonization of English to ‘unlearn white supremacy’”

    Meanwhile, black muslims colonize the UK, France, Portland, Chicago, Deerborn MI, etc…

    Call it jihad, but it’s war and religion is its’ veil or mask. Americans having to wear masks is a sign of submission to an invisible, intanglible force or “god”, whose God? Their God.
    The muslim God. We are being victimized by the religous freedoms and laws our ancestors fought and died for. First it’s a mask. Then it’s an armband. Then the FEMA camps. jihadi krystalnachts are happening all over America. Stay home. Keep guns and bug out bags OUTSIDE your cars and homes. Don’t talk to strangers. Especially two-person undercover red flag feds. MAGA with or without Trump. God bless.

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