Biden says at DNC he’s the hope & light, restoring our soul in love



Since expectations were low for Joe Biden’s acceptance speech last night, we can say he did okay. He didn’t stumble much and read platitudes from the teleprompter with mostly good skill and decent posture.

He did not give specifics or any sort of answers for the problems facing the United States except that he will make us all wear masks, which sounds unconstitutional. However, Democrats want to stack the Supreme Court, so who knows what could happen.

Biden didn’t explain how he will do anything. His strategy for dealing with COVID is everything the President is currently doing.

The Democrat presidential candidate portrayed himself as the ‘light’ and Trump as the ‘darkness,’ and he will restore the ‘soul’ of America. Biden is the path of hope and light. Although Biden never mentions Trump’s name, it’s clear who he is talking about.

Biden blamed the President for the deaths of 170,000 Americans from COV which is the language of the swamp.

He said he will impose justice and tax the wealthy but, don’t worry, the economy will be great (as companies go overseas).

The now-far-left candidate for the presidency claimed the President fans the flames of hate and division. To us, it looks like the left is the hatemongering crowd, along with the never Trumpers. The hate aimed at President Trump and followers is the most vicious I have ever seen.

Biden claims will open the doors to opportunity, will cement togetherness, and rebuild the economy, but who knows how. He will add five million new jobs, mostly in the green industry.

The former Obama VP falsely stated Trump will diminish social security. President Trump would never do that and there are no indications he will.


Biden will wipe out the stain of racism, and made mention of the insignificant KKK and lied about Charlottesville again. Everyone knows that the Charlottesville narrative is a complete distortion of what President Trump said.

Never once did Mr. Biden mention antifa and Black Lives Matter.

He claims he will root out systemic racism although he never did that while he was a senator or a vice president.

The presidential hopeful will pursue a ‘more perfect union’ and do it in ‘love.’

Basically, he said nothing and offered no solutions. As far as COV, we need medicine and a vaccine. He had no solutions and Trump didn’t kill anyone. Governor Cuomo killed a lot of elderly with his policies but Trump did not.

Biden is a man of the swamp.


Biden’s actual platform which he never explains is in writing. It was put together with Bernie Sanders. The platform is not being talked about by anyone except Mark Levin. Do read it, it is the most progressive — communist — agenda ever seen in the United States.

Read the 110-page Biden-Sanders manifesto. It’s terrifying.

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