Listen to the absurd Psaki comments claiming Dems are offering unity


The unity-bipartisanship talk from the White House via Jen Psaki is nothing more than a soundbite. They plan to ram through the furthest left agenda meant to fundamentally transform the country into a socialist non-country with open borders and a permanent Democrat electoral majority.

Republicans should be doing exactly what Democrats did. They should be suing, asking for injunctions on every issue.

At the same time, Democrats talk of reprogramming or deprogramming normal Americans. They have cleansed Reddit of all pro-Donald pages but kept the vicious anti-Donald’s. They are trying to make Fox, OANN, and Newsmax illegal. Democrat allies are erasing conservatives from Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

Biden hired Marxists for almost every key position. He is using Executive Actions to implement everything from open borders policies to pro-China sellout policies.

He doesn’t even know what he’s signing:

Congress is going to make DC a state unconstitutionally, put Donald Trump on trial, end the filibuster, and join with corrupt Big Tech and the dictator’s club, the UN.

Biden is killing jobs and our energy sector and put the nail in the coffin of girl’s sports.

And it’s only day 3. It’s a Democrat reign of terror, yet, Psaki gets up before the media and claims this is bipartisanship. She does it with a straight face and the media barely responds.

The money they are spending by day 3 is astronomical. There’s 1.9 trillion mostly for bailouts, another trillion for free money for the people, billions for other so-called rescue efforts. At the same time, he plans to spend trillions on healthcare and climate.

We are 30 trillion in debt and somewhere soon we will crash and the dollar will crash. Even Mitt Romney is objecting to the outrageous stimulus packages.

Psaki says this is unifying bipartisanship. If she believes that, she’s not well. It’s more likely Psaki is a liar.


O’Reilly says all Joe and Jill Biden wants is the glamor, and they are leaving everything to the progressive totalitarians [neo-communists]:

Refuse to believe their tripe:

Meghan Kelly said the unity issue is absurd and Biden doesn’t care about bipartisanship. That’s certainly true.

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