Listen to this great freedom speech from an Australian senator


Australia is worse off than the US for the moment over forcible vaccinations, but one gets the feeling Biden’s handlers would do it today if they could.

The Australian military is enforcing a complete lockdown. We call countries like this — police states. They are mimicking Communist China.

Reuters reports:

Despite an extended lockdown in Sydney since an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant, 239 new locally acquired coronavirus cases were recorded in the city over a 24-hour period, the biggest daily rise since the pandemic began.

“We can only assume that things are likely to get worse before they get better given the quantity of people infectious in the community,” said Gladys Berejiklian, the premier of New South Wales state, of which Sydney is the capital.

The reason for that is lockdowns don’t work!

More from Reuters:

With little sign that of restrictions reducing infections, Berejiklian said new curbs would be imposed on the southwestern and western areas of Sydney where the majority of COVID-19 cases are being found.

Residents there will be forced to wear masks outdoors and to stay within five km (three miles) of their homes.

With even tighter restrictions set to begin on Friday, New South Wales Police said it had asked for 300 military personnel to help enforce lockdown orders.

This Australian Senator shows courage and speaks to freedom. He gets it.


In the United States, Communist Mayor de Blasio passed a law, likely unconstitutional, mandating vaccine passports. It is amazing that the people are accepting these limits to their freedoms. In any case, it is racist. The people who are not getting vaccinated are mostly blacks, followed by Hispanics.

De Blasio is hurting the minorities he claims to support THE MOST!

Overall in the U.S., Asians lead with 62 percent vaccinated. Whites are at 47 percent, Hispanics 39 percent, and blacks 34 percent, the CDC reports.


We aren’t criticizing anyone for not getting vaccinated as the media is since it’s their right and it’s also a reasonable decision.

Much to the frustration of the hysterical left, unvaccinated Americans are the least concerned about the Delta variant, reports Politico.

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