The WHO tells US to not give vaccine boosters over ‘global disparity’


The commies at The WHO don’t want us to have vaccine boosters because of the ‘global disparity.’ This would hold until September at least. Many nations didn’t do the right thing and Americans are now to be deprived. If Donald Trump was here, he’d tell them where to go.

The Washington Post reports:

The World Health Organization is calling for a moratorium on booster shots of coronavirus vaccines through at least September as poorer countries struggle to access the shots, even for high-risk populations such as health-care workers and the elderly.

“We cannot and we should not accept countries that have already used most of the global supply of vaccines using even more of it while the world’s most vulnerable people remain unprotected,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a Wednesday news conference, in an escalation of the health organization’s pushback against disparities it has called immoral. Tedros said the world is not on track to meet the WHO’s goal of 10 percent vaccination coverage in every country by the end of September.

Some wealthy countries such as GermanyIsrael, and Russia have already made the controversial move to prioritize booster shots — often focusing on fully vaccinated but higher-risk people — instead of donating the doses to nations in greater need. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has also been pushing for boosters of its coronavirus vaccine even as data shows the shots are still highly effective against covid-19.

Tedros said low-income countries have been able to administer only 1.5 doses of vaccines per 100 people “due to lack of supply,” while more than 80 percent of vaccine doses globally have gone to high- and upper-middle-income countries that account for less than half of the world’s population.

He urged “concrete” commitments to global vaccination goals and said that leaders of the Group of 20 countries — including the United States, where nearly half the population is fully vaccinated — will determine the course of the pandemic.

“We need everyone’s cooperation,” he said.

Who elected this globalist to rule over Americans? People better wake up. The leftists — Democrats — are destroying us. They will drag us down.

Biden might not do it, not because The WHO shouldn’t tell us what to do, but just because he obsessively wants to get everyone vaccinated.

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