Live at Truckers/Police Standoff at Parliament Hill & Ops in Toronto


Any comments I make are debatable. Let us know what you think.

Live standoff with police and truckers at Parliament Hill. It’s all peaceful so far but truckers aren’t moving. Canadians should never listen to our demented president, which they allegedly have done. Allegedly, Biden told them to use their police powers.

The police at Parliament Hill told truckers to dismantle their food tents so they did. There are police everywhere. The police are giving out fines.

Hopefully, no one will be hurt. This could blow up.

As an aside, Mike Lindell, the pillow guy, is donating 1,000 pillows to the truckers.

Also, as one person said, this should be a super spreader event but not one person has gotten COVID.


The nasty stories about the truckers are a lie:

Toronto is also in a state of emergency. They want to protect the public and make certain emergency vehicles get through. It’s understandable that these rulers would be concerned about the negative impact on the residents. However, what about the abuse of the protesters? They won’t even meet with them.

They claim the “right thing” is to get vaxxed. Who are they to tell people they have to put drugs in their system? The vaccine doesn’t stop anyone from spreading it or getting it. They do admit the protesters were peaceful and respectful.

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