Biden to Unfreeze $$$ to Afghanistan for ‘Humanitarian Aid’, Can’t They Sell the Weapons & Vehicles We Left?


Biden signed an order Friday to free $7 billion in Afghan assets now frozen in the U.S. The money will go to humanitarian aid for poverty-stricken Afghanistan and a fund for Sept. 11 victims still seeking relief for the terror attacks, the AP reported.

Biden will have the money released to humanitarian groups for Afghan relief, and the rest will go for 9/11 victims’ lawsuits, but it’s Afghanistan’s money. Actually, it’s US money since it was money we poured into Afghanistan pre-surrender. The US poured billions into the nation for twenty years and a great deal shortly before the US surrender to the Taliban.

The White House said in a statement that the order “is designed to provide a path for the funds to reach the people of Afghanistan while keeping them out of the hands of the Taliban and malicious actors.”

Does anyone think that will happen?

The Taliban are unhappy that half of their money is going to 9/11 victims.

Taliban political spokesman Mohammad Naeem criticized the Biden administration for not releasing all the funds to Afghanistan.

“Stealing the blocked funds of Afghan nation by the United States of America and its seizure (of those funds) shows the lowest level of humanity . . . of a country and a nation,” Naeem tweeted on Friday.

The Taliban have called on the international community to release funds and help stave off a humanitarian disaster.

The US left billions in equipment, arms, planes, and vehicles. We also left airbases. They could easily sell that and likely have. Will any of this money get to the people?

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

Headline should read, “Biden To Give Afghanistan’s Money To Their Invaders.”

Destroyers Can Only Destroy
Destroyers Can Only Destroy
1 year ago

Just read that there is no plan for evacuation of any Americans left behind in Ukraine.
It is a tweeter twatter twit and there is none of that on this box but it appears legit on search in a non-evil search engine with results from MSN, Stars and Stripes, The Times.

Kurtz Chorale
Kurtz Chorale
1 year ago

Save some to leave behind in Ukraine.
Could they move any quicker to destroy America?
Yes we can!