Liz Cheney to be a Professor of Practice After Her Gargantuan Election Loss


Liz Cheney is joining the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics as a “Professor of Practice.”

What the hay is a professor of practice, you might ask.

The answer is she helps them with their practicum like a teacher’s aide. It is an academic appointment “made to a member of a profession associated with a university.” The Professor “engages in professional students’ practical instruction.”

Cheney lost her job as representative by nearly 40 points, a failure by any standard. She also ran a notoriously Stalinesque Jan. 6 panel, catering to Nancy Pelosi. This is the person who will “facilitate discussions and activities, develop lesson plans, and monitor students.

If students like Donald Trump, they can count on a solid “F”. She’s that fair and balanced.

Her self-delusions continure She thinks she is single-handedly saving democracy.

“I am delighted to be joining the UVA Center for Politics as a Professor of Practice. Preserving our constitutional republic is the most important work of our time, and our nation’s young people will play a crucial role in this effort. I look forward to working with students and colleagues at the Center to advance the important work they and others at the University of Virginia are doing to improve the health of democracy here and around the world,” said Cheney. “There are many threats facing our system of government and I hope my work with the Center for Politics and the broader community at the University of Virginia will contribute to finding lasting solutions that not only preserve but strengthen our democracy.”

The Trump haters who hired her slobbered all over her

UVA President Jim Ryan welcomed the appointment, stating, “Our students will have an incredible opportunity to learn from Liz Cheney, who has fiercely defended democracy as part of a distinguished career. I’m delighted that she has chosen the University of Virginia and the Center for Politics as a next step, and I very much look forward to working with her.”

The students will learn how to lose.

Professor Larry J. Sabato, director of the UVA Center for Politics, noted, “With democracy under fire in this country and elsewhere around the world, Liz Cheney serves as a model of political courage and leadership. Liz will send a compelling message to students about integrity. She’s a true profile in courage, and she was willing to pay the price for her principles — and democracy itself.”

Integrity usually means you don’t set up a J6 panel without democratic principles out of revenge. She didn’t allow due process, for one thing. Cheney betrayed her colleagues.

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