Britain Considered Killing All the Cats During the Pandemic


The UK considered killing all the cats in Britain during the pandemic. They followed the CCP’s rules and considered some of the same brutality. The CCP masked up; we masked up. They locked down; we locked down. The CCP forced people to stay home; we did something similar.

Chinese Communists began killing peoples’ pets, and the UK almost did the same.

Former Health Minister Lord Bethell discusses the early response to COVID, including possibly killing all the cats.

Local health workers in some Chinese cities were breaking into people’s homes and killing their pets while the owners were in quarantine.

In one case, a dog owner named Ms. Fu witnessed through her home security camera people in hazmat suits entering her home and beating her pet corgi to death with iron rods.

She was away in a quarantine facility, and tested negative for the coronavirus.

“The dog ran into another room and out of sight, but its whimpers were audible. After a few minutes, the workers took out yellow plastic bags and said they were taking the dog away,” Fu wrote in a long social media post. Her security camera video has gone viral on China’s social media site Weibo, attracting millions of views from internet users who are largely furious with the way cats and dogs have been disposed of out of fears the animals could transmit the novel coronavirus to humans.

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