Liz Cheney Won’t Show Her Face in Wyoming


Liz Cheney reportedly doesn’t show her face in Wyoming, even as the primary draws closer.

People in Wyoming see her as part of the swamp.

She now has a ten percent chance of becoming the candidate for her own seat.


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9 months ago

What is the ‘over/under’ on Liz landing:
1: MSNBC as the token conservative
2: CNN as the token conservative
3 The View as the token conservative.
Wherever she ends up she will have no friends but maybe a few swamp critters.
Should have spent more time hunting with her father…

9 months ago

Come January 2023, Wyoming will be the least of Liz Cheney’s problems.

9 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

You’re right. Her biggest problem is choosing between CNN and MSNBC to milk her Republican hating Trump appearances when she gets kicked out.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

I believe that the rich spoiled brat handed everything in life will not face the people or what she has done.

In the upcoming primaries and elections, we will see how far the election criminals are able to go, after being exposed in 2020. If we see a photo finish in the primary with her winning, we can assume it was stolen. Wyoming is not as corrupt as Georgia and is more conservative. So unlike Kemp I expect her to lose. Wyoming people are going to ignore the millions of ads for Cheney.

I imagine that others such as Flake, Sessions and Barr also avoid the public.

I see the frowns of Cheney and Kinzinger as indicative of the predicaments they put themselves in, not as concern for the republic. Neither can go in public at home. They exiled themselves.