Propaganda News for Monday


The propaganda news is active on Twitter as usual and we thought you might want to see the best tweets of the day so far (It’s only noon here).

Adam Schiff, a proven liar, is now the go-to guy on the fake insurrection.

Kamala responds to the hearing of our new Supreme Court Justice in her usual bizarre fashion.

About that soaring inflation, Biden’s got that? The White House is still prevaricating but CBS actually grilled the economic adviser.

The press secretary is mocked almost daily. She can’t answer a question. The baby formula response was especially ridiculed. The next tweet references her response.

In case you don’t know the reference:

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1 year ago

Democrats can’t tell the Truth because the Truth will literally get them Tarred and Feathered. We know J6 has taken America down the road of Political Prison. I pray the Republicans treat Democrats in Kind come January 2023. America is already in Recession. The economy began to falter immediately after Traitor Joe declared War on Fossil Fuels. Last June, I saw the writing on the wall. Those of you who have followed my posts know I was talking about this over a year ago. I was 80% in the Stock Market last June and moved everything out of Stocks into More Solid Assets. I expect the DOW to be under $15,000 in the future. A close friend didn’t believe me and is now a quarter of a Million down in his retirement savings. I don’t see how he will recover without going back to work. A Small Handful of Money Manipulators have gotten very rich this year.

Everyone in the Beltway is Lying about Everything. We are going to see Depression. If Democrats are still in the White House, it will last into the 2030s, but there is a real possibility of total financial collapse and the Dollar will be worthless. The only thing holding up the value of the Dollar was US Oil Production! We gave our manufacturing to China. The sad truth is that Solar Cells and Windmills will never power the US Economy. They lack Power Density and Reliability. The practical answer is Nuclear and that will take at least a 25 year transition once we recover from the inevitable Depression, get back to being the leading oil producer, and get gasoline cost back down to $2.00 a gallon at the pump.

Democrats are going try and steal the November 2022 Election. If they don’t the Party will begin to implode and in the process thousands of Democrats and RINOs will got jail. Many will be tried and convicted of Treason. Hopefully, they will hang! If they get away with it; America is Doomed!

The Covid Hoax has resulted in far more death than it should have if simply left alone. Big Bureacratic Government is Dangerous, even Deadly. The poverty that Democrat Lockdowns caused will result in millions more deaths in the Future. The attack on the Economy is a coordinated plan by the ultra-rich and Democrats to return the World to a Noble and Serf way of life. Those of us in Red States are thinking about playing along. WE will be the Nobles and the Blue States will be the surfs. We are fed up with your lying, cheating, and immorality. Since you don’t believe in God, we will give you Hell on Earth. The Red State can easily prosper without the overhead, crime, drugs, and Immorality of the Blue States. The Red States won’t secede, we’ll just throw the Blue States out. We don’t want to change you, we just want you to leave us alone!

Consider that in 1860, it was Democrats who championed Slavery and Independence from the Union, then tried to secede from the Union. Democrats may get their wish, but it won’t be the South leaving the United States of America. It will be the Northeast and West Coast. They will be 3rd World hell holes in less than a year because Democrats, i.e. Liberals can’t Govern. This is where Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Losers are trying to take America so it’s time for a No Fault Divorce. But, after justice is served on Democrats.

Sick of it All
Sick of it All
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

The evil dems are getting what they want without any pushback from the useless Republicans. We always knew when the rest of the country wakes up, it will be too late. God help us…