Lockdowns coming! Get vaxxed or face lockdowns, “It’s not complicated”



Get vaxxed or get ready for lockdowns, McConnell warns: ‘This is not complicated’

~ Mitch McConnell

The Republicans are sounding the alarm and we think it’s because the neo-fascists in the White House are heading for another lockdown. That will help damage small businesses and capitalism while bolstering Big Corps.

We believe they are looking at another lockdown. And no one is talking about the thousands of illegal aliens pouring in — 30% of whom have COV according to Border Patrol [And God knows what else. We know they have Monkeypox].

“These shots need to get in everybody’s arms as rapidly as possible or we´re going to be back in a situation in the fall that we don’t yearn for — that we went through last year,” McConnell (R-Ky.) said at a news conference Tuesday, adding, “This is not complicated.”

Asked about comments from Utah Gov. Spencer Cox alleging that conservative pundits are killing people with their rhetoric, McConnell stated that he encourages everybody to “ignore all of these other voices that are giving demonstrably bad advice.”

McConnell noted that among those who are currently hospitalized for COVID, 97 percent are unvaccinated.

“It never occurred to me that there would be difficulty getting Americans to get the shot,” he said.

That’s surprising since both parties politicized the vaccine.


The number of cases and hospitalizations is going up in Florida.

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