London Police Back Banned Hamas Protesters for Safety’s Sake


When police give preference to terrorist supporters over people calling attention to the kidnapping of innocent Israeli children, you know you are living in a twisted world where evil is winning.

A case in point took place in London.  A billboard van with photos of children kidnapped by Hamas was driving around the streets of Central London at the same time radical terrorist supporters protested Israel.

The gentleman in the video was shocked when he was the one who had to kowtow to these Nazis.

When Radicals Have Rights, But Not the Good Guys

The narrator in the clip below discussed his experience with twisted policing.

“The Billboard vans were out this evening. They were shooting video of the vans passing various landmarks, and right in front of Big Ben, I got a call from the volunteers… shooting the pictures. Really shaken up, they were stopped by protesters, and then police had turned up and told them to turn off the billboards and clear out of central London. Otherwise, there would be, quote – the breach of the peace.

“And I was just astonished by this. How on earth could the police stop people in central London in our capital from showing pictures of children kidnapped by a terrorist organization, banned by our government? How could they possibly do that? How could they turn on the victims of terror?

“And so, I went down to have a look and tried the route again, and sure enough, the police turned up and told us for our own safety that we couldn’t show the billboards. Not only that, what they did is they asked me to step across the road with them for my own safety, supposedly so that I didn’t get hit by a cyclist.

“They then instructed the drivers to turn off the billboards and to clear the area, and they wouldn’t let me cross back over to listen to the conversation or talk to our own drivers. They actually physically restrained me from trying to speak to the drivers or hear the conversation because they said they were worried about me crossing the road.

“That’s what it’s come down to in central London.

“The question I ask you, when you watch this footage is, who are the police protecting? The victims of terrorism, the Jewish community, or is it the sensibilities of people who sympathize with terrorists who are banned by our country?”

Winston Churchill is rolling over in his grave.

The entire West is infested with evil and twisted logic. The radicals and terrorist sympathizers coming into Western countries aren’t assimilating. Instead, they want to make us into them. They have joined forces with the communists, broadening their base. Our institutions are bending a knee to them instead of serving their citizens and their country.

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