More Evidence Americans Hate the Media


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A new Gallup poll found that trust in media currently matches the historical low. A record-high 39% of people have no trust in the media, and 29% have “not very much.” Even Democrat trust in the media was down 12%.

The 32% of Americans who say they trust the mass media “a great deal” or “a fair amount” to report the news in a full, fair, and accurate way ties Gallup’s lowest historical reading, previously recorded in 2016. Although trust in media currently matches the historical low, it was statistically similar in 2021 (36%) and 2022 (34%).

Another 29% of U.S. adults have “not very much” trust, while a record-high 39% register “none at all.” This nearly four in 10 Americans who completely lack confidence in the media is the highest on record by one percentage point. It is 12 points higher than the 2016 reading, which came amid sharp criticism of the media from then-presidential candidate Donald Trump — making the current assessment of the media the grimmest in Gallup’s history. In 2016, U.S. adults were most likely to say they had “not very much” trust (41%).

Last year, A Pew Research study found that U.S. adults under 30 trusted information from social media almost as much as national news outlets. Pew also noted declining trust in the media last year.

That is partly why the media is so eager to silence freelancers on social media. The media doesn’t care if they’re hated. What they plan to do is shut down all competition so their indoctrination is all that’s left. Laws passed to silence opposition on social media are evidence of that. They use the excuse that everything opposing them is misinformation or disinformation.

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