Look Who Had Access to General Flynn’s Classified Conversations


General Flynn’s name and a transcript of his conversation with the Russian ambassador were leaked though it had serious national security implications. The White House senior officials had access to unmasked names and communications, including General Flynn’s.

That leaves the question open as to whether someone in the White House leaked the information that has been coming out about General Flynn and communications of President Trump’s

Many People Have Access to Unmasked Names

Under questioning by Rep. Trey Gowdy, it is clear from Jim Comey’s comments that the White House doesn’t collect the information, therefore they can’t unmask it. However people in the White House have all the information about U.S. citizens (like General Flynn) who have been unmasked.

Masking means to reveal the name of any U.S. person or persons involved in a communication with a foreign entity being surveilled.

Heads of the intelligence community and the DoJ can unmask according to Comey. NSA Head Mike Rogers said about 20 people at the NSA can unmask Americans on calls with foreign entities being wiretapped. It’s clear there are a lot more than 20 in the FBI alone.

Comey said people who had access are: heads of intelligence departments, Loretta Lynch and deputies like Sally Yates of the DoJ, and Susan Rice as National Security Advisor. He did not know if Ben Rhodes had access.

We don’t know about Ben Rhodes, a self-confessed liar, but we do know Susan Rice likely had the information and she’s provably a liar.

Sean Spicer responded during a presser before the hearings were over but the media has already demonized his every word.

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Jan Williams
Jan Williams
6 years ago

I smell smoke !