Monday’s Hearings Prove the Trump Campaign Wasn’t Surveilled with Dated Technology


There is no “wiretapping” evidence according to testimony at Monday’s hearings with FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers before the House hearings on Russian interference in the U.S. elections. What that proves is the Trump campaign was not being surveilled with 1980’s technology. Cell phones don’t have wires and that’s probably why Trump’s tweet on the issue included “wiretapping” in quotes.

It’s also clear the law has been broken. The leaker could serve ten years imprisonment.

What we did learn today was that the Trump campaign was most certainly surveilled and apparently surveillance continues because the FBI has not yet decided if some in the campaign had ties to Russia.

The FBI Director believes the Russians wanted to help Trump, but without evidence, that sounds like mere supposition – it’s one theory.

In fact, the only thing close to evidence that we heard was General Flynn must have been surveilled and the information leaked illegally.

While it didn’t come up, it’s obvious the President’s phone conversations with the heads of the Mexican and Australian governments were also transcribed and apparently illegally shared.

Forget the media hype and diversions which were particularly loud on CNN with Chris Cuomo this morning. The hearing today proved that what President Trump said was correct. Someone did surveil Mike Flynn and illegally released the information.

There is a lot of “imprecision” in a tweet, as Rand Paul told Neil Cavuto on Fox News Monday afternoon, but the basic facts are correct. “Wiretapping” is a broad term for surveillance in many peoples’ minds, especially of an older generation, and there has been surveillance.

They don’t wiretap because it’s no longer the correct term.

Senator Rand Paul makes the point succinctly in this clip.

Another point which came later in the hearings, after most were catatonic or asleep, was a statement by Jim Comey that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was “right” to say there was no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

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6 years ago

If this were to be done clandestinely by an administration there may be one method as yet suggested. There are cell-site simulators, as the Stingray, which may have such capability. This very well could have been undertaken by such outsiders as to never seeing the light of day.

For a good many years many telephone conversations take place over T-1 lines which contain 24 voice lines and one data channel. These are common lines in a business environment. Nowadays these copper lines have been replaced with optical fiber lines in the large business environment. Therefore a “tap” on a “phone line” isn’t applicable in most cases.

This means that much of communications today is converted into digital data, e.g. T-1 lines. It is in compressed digital format. Since this is in digital format there are many tools, hardware and software, that allows the extraction of any pertinent data.

In around 1992 I worked at a utility which had numerous T-1 lines that traveled over copper lines, analog and digital microwave sites. In order to ‘Manage’ those lines for testing etc. we installed the Newbridge Mainstreet system. This technology was highly sophisticated at that time, by even today’s standard. It is easy to understand how relatively easy it would be to monitor conversations without ever tapping a line and being in a remote location.