Look at the Entitled Wokesters Being Churned Out


“These younger generations are cracking the code and they’re like, ‘Hey guys turns out we don’t have to do it like these old people tell us we have to do it,'” Colin Guinn , the 41-year-old co-founder of the robotics company Hangar Technology, told the Times.

Gen Z workers are said to be terrifying millennial bosses with woke demands.  The Gen Zers were born between 1997 and 2012 and there are 72 million of them, according to The Daily Mail. They are beginning to enter the workforce. They’ve been badly indoctrinated in the schools, causing problems for their bosses, and society.

A society cannot thrive with WOKE ideology.

Gen Z’ers are starting their first jobs during a pandemic that allows people to work from home and upend social norms as we know them. Some young former employees are much more willing to burn bridges as well.


Lola Priego, 31, CEO of testing start-up Base, said a Gen Z worker sent HER a Slack message giving her a task to complete. While she was shocked, she was glad she was approachable. Another administrator found it very disrespectful.

Polly Rodriguez, 34, CEO of vibrator startup Unbound, said a Gen Z employee asked on a Saturday how the firm would support Black Lives Matter.

Within days, the company hired a diversity, equity, and inclusion firm to give employee training and launched a fundraiser supporting sex workers of color.

That is where companies are making a mistake. The more they give in, the more they will have to give in.

Gabe Kennedy, 30, founder of Plant People was asked by a Gen Z job prospect why she needed to work an 8-hour shift if she completed all of her tasks for the day.

Ali Kriegsman, 30, co-founder of Bulletin said she doesn’t know how to handle texts from younger staff who say they are “too anxious to work” or have cramps.

“As an entrepreneur, I want to call out sometimes… because my period is making me super hormonal… But I’m in a position where I have to push through.”

Andy Dunn, CEO of clothing company Bonobos, 42, said that a Gen Z editor made 1,100 “sensitivity edits” to a book he’s writing.

Fleischer butchers were forced to close four stores after dozens of Wokester tyrants demanded he put the LGB and BLM signs back up.

The WOKEs have to learn to adhere to reality or no one is doing them any favors.

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