Biden’s Uniting Us! 71%+ of Americans Say We’re Going in the Wrong Direction


We have some really bad news for Democrats who pushed a mentally deficient, communist enabler into office along with 81 million voters — more votes than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton received. If you believe that, you might want to reconsider.

We reported earlier that according to an NBC News poll, only 42% approve of the job Biden is doing and 55% disapprove. The poll also found that 71% say the country is going in the wrong direction, and that included 48% of DEMOCRATS!

Thanks to the media, people still think Biden is doing a good job on COV. All he is doing is passing mandates and getting heroes fired. More  died under his regime so far than under Donald Trump — 200,000.

Biden has been stumping for McAuliffe! Good, keep it up, Joe. Associate yourself with McAuliffe as much as possible.

The drop from April is dramatic and since this is NBC, a Joe-friendly poll, it’s not likely his numbers are that high.

21% on national security — as millions pour into the country and tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans float around — is too high.

18% on the economy as he destroys the energy sector and helps kill supply chains is too high.

22% on crime as it soars while he encourages defunding law enforcement is too high.

24% on inflation — as he promises to raise taxes and spend wildly while pretending it won’t cost a dime — is too high.

27% on border security when there is none makes you wonder who this 27% of Americans are.

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2 years ago

What this really tells us is that Traitor Joe’s Approval Rating is really below 30%. Don’t worry it’s going lower, Much Lower!

The RED Left Hand
The RED Left Hand
2 years ago

Why are we in this handbasket?
Why is it heading south at breakneck speed?
Who was asking for this fundamental transformation build CCCP back better in muh democracy?