Look who is advising on use of force by the police


Notice who wrote this — Valerie Jarrett. She is extremely close to the Obamas and is likely doing the day-to-day business. She is undoubtedly in constant communication with Barack Obama. It certainly isn’t Joe Biden who does one thing a day.

So, Jarrett doesn’t want an officer to used deadly force. Last year, police only shot and killed 18 black people, almost all in the commission of a crime.

They do de-escalate. Tell the criminals to de-escalate. How was the officer supposed to de-escalate in the case of the teen black girl who was lunging at another teen black girl with a large knife, heading for her neck?

This is all part of the big lie to demean the police and to pretend the system is racist so they can federalize it. That’s what Hitler did.


The girl in pink was grateful and didn’t take her near-death experience lightly.

A police officer, who was walking with her, trying to interview her about what happened.

“She f**king came at me with a knife,” the girl says.

The officer asks, “She came at you with a knife earlier?”

“No, she just did,” the girl corrects him.

“That is why, that’s why the police did it. She came after me.”

“With a knife?” the cop inquires again. “Yeah, so he got her,” the girl replied, clearly thankful.



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