Resources immediately mobilized to spread false narrative of the teen shot in Ohio


A Columbus, Ohio police officer shot and killed a teenaged black girl as she was about to knife another black girl in the neck. “Protests” immediately erupted.

This is the bodycam footage which clearly shows the officer was saving the life of the black girl.


The Left claims a girl trying to kill another girl with a knife was unarmed. Racial arsonist, Ben Crump, who makes millions off his trade, immediately lied:

People who witnessed the attempted murder by the black girl who was shot, verbally abused the police officers after one saves a black girl’s life. It’s insane.

A great deal of money and resources are immediately ready for any such eventuality. Why isn’t the FBI tracking the money and doing something about the communist agitators???

The deceitful narrative has already begun. The unfortunately deceased girl was an honor student? Pretty soon, we will see pictures of her as a little 8-year-old in pigtails and hear about how she was going to apply to Harvard to become a doctor.

That is the Soros communist organization, Black Lives Matter rhetoric in action to prejudice the case.

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Kowloon Walled City
Kowloon Walled City
2 years ago

How much of this is real and what is Kabuki burn it all down by any means necessary we must move quickly?
Hmm…so hmm.

2 years ago

Columbus, Ohio is a Liberal city. If they allow riots then that is their problem. If you want to stop the AntiFa/BLM riots just start shooting rioters once a window is broken or a bottle is thrown. The Constitution specifically states “peaceably to assemble”. it doesn’t say “Mostly Peaceful” or Riot for a redress of grievances.

The best part about stopping an attempted murder with deadly force is the attempted murder won’t be a repeat offender.