Looks Like Team Biden Shot Down a Hobby Club’s Gasbag with a $485K Missile


Can you still hear John Kirby saying Donald Trump didn’t find the balloons? “We detected it. We tracked it,” boasted Kirby. It looks like one of the balloons they “detected,” “tracked,”and shot down was a gasbag with a radio attached. It belonged to the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade.

You must have noticed the administration stopped bragging about their balloon kills and their amazing acuity in spotting them. There is a good reason for that. It’s also why they aren’t releasing information on the recent balloon kills.

You know that balloon shot down over Lake Huron, the one we shot two $485,000 missiles at and then sent a team to collect the remnants? That one? Apparently, they shot down a ham radio with a plastic gas bag attached.

Aviation Week reports a small, globe-trotting balloon was declared ‘missing in action’ by an Illinois-based hobbyist club on Feb. 15. It has emerged as a candidate to explain one of the three mystery objects shot down … by U.S. Air Force fighters.”

The UFO was shot down by a $480,000 missile and attacked by another $485,000 missile that ended up in the drink. The object appears to have been a $12 to $180 hobby balloon. The Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade told Aviation Week on Thursday that it fears one of its diligently-tracked gas bags that recently went missing was mistaken as the mystery balloon.

Dave Brown, Defense Editor for Politico, said:

“The descriptions of all three unidentified objects shot down Feb. 10-12 match the shapes, altitudes, and payloads of the small pico balloons, which can usually be purchased for $12-180 each, depending on the type.”

Yeah, no, they did, Edward Snowden.

“RIP to the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade’s ~$80 ham radio transmitter balloon, likely the victim of friendly fire by a $143,000,000 USAF F-22 firing a $485,000 AIM-9X Sidewinder missile during the Great Balloon Panic of 2023.”

The administration won’t tell you the truth, but we will. After watching the Chinese balloon fly over 40 states unimpeded and doing nothing, they were widely mocked, so they started shooting down everything in sight to look competent. Only they can’t look competent because they’re not. They’re clowns.

They don’t want to identify the objects now for good reason. They would rather suggest they’re extraterrestrial than tell you the truth.

True story.

And was the Chinese balloon really a spy balloon?

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Trump Won
Trump Won
3 months ago

President Biden says objects shot down last week don’t appear to be a part of China’s spy balloon program. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

Famous last words: “Let them eat cake” (Make he people think they are getting something special. Are the “elites” always so out of touch? Just listen to the babble of the WEF! They are dangerously clueless about normal everyday people.

In a “what’s the latest” society, if the people want balloons shot down, we will give them shot down balloons. Just be sure that you don’t shoot down a Chinese spy balloon, they paid the big guy protection money and they might get angry.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 months ago

Wrong balloon ?


But were the correct pronouns used when referring to air force pilots who shot down that balloon?

because what matters is that we all use the correct pronouns !

everything else is secondary

The world is such a better place now that the Biden democrat administration is making sure the .000003 % of people who say they are of a different sex than they were born in are addressed with the correct pronouns!!!

Who cares about half a million$$$ per missile wasted when inclusivity of the LGBTQ community, is on the rise ?

( this is sarcasm of course )

3 months ago

Somebody with some spare cash should start putting up billboards showing an F-22 firing off a sidewinder at a party balloon, with the caption, “Join the United States Air Force!”

And be sure to show that the pilot has a half dozen or so balloons painted on the fuselage of his plane … you know, like the B-17s during WW2 would have bombs painted on their fuselages …

3 months ago
Reply to  Blank

What worries me is the Military has expensive toys, but lacks the talent, specific technology, and common sense needed to use them correctly. The Government, including the Military lives in their own little world.

How do you mistake a tracking balloon with a radio beacon for a Spy Balloon? The hobby balloon even had a Call Sign K9YO-15 and was launched back in October. It was basically a Weather Balloon. It apparently had circled the earth 6 times before the Air Force shot it down. It was tracked by Amateur Radio Operators who listened to it transmit it’s position via Amateur Radio signals. Similar balloons are used by the weather service which is why today’s weather forecast are so accurate.

See http://www.picoballoons.net / http://www.wsprnet.org/olddb for more information on these balloons and their communications. WSPR can send a signal around the world with just 5 watts. Since I’m an Amateur Radio Operator I have tracked these signals in the past. You would think that the Military just might look at things like the WSPR data base to help them identify “friendly” balloons.

3 months ago

At least most hunters identify what they shoot at first. The Military is looking more and more like the Keystone Cops. Now you know what kind of warriors all that WOKE training is producing. We’re Screwed!