Loretta Lynch Allowed Russian Lawyer into U.S. on Parole, Why?


The Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump’s inner circle was cleared to come into the United States by the Justice Department under “extraordinary circumstances”. The Russian then went on a lobbying campaign ensnaring, not only Donald Jr, but members of Congress, journalists, and  State Department officials. This is according to court and DoJ documents and interviews as reported by the hill.

The Obama DoJ – Loretta Lynch to be exact – allowed this latest intrigue.

Her chaperone while she was in D.C. was a big Hillary supporter, Ron Dellums.

Four days before she met with Donald Jr., she posted an anti-Trump message.

The Russian lobbyist was a presence among politicians

Five days after meeting with Donald Jr. at Trump Tower, Moscow attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya was in the front row of a House foreign affairs committee hearing during which they discussed Russia policy. It looks like Emin, the music publicist who set up the Donald Jr. meeting, might have been sitting behind her. She’s right behind Obama’s ambassador.

Natalia looks to be sitting in front of Emin. She is sitting right behind Obama’s Russia ambassador.

According to the government records, she was lobbying for Russia while she was here. Her stay was then extended by six months even though the lobbying she was engaged in was illegal! She’s still in the country.

Evidence of her dealings with Democratic operatives FusionGPS and Fusion’s dealings with Russia were documented by Circa News.  It’s provable.

Her Facebook page suggests she’s an anti-Trumper.

Many U.S. officials have met her

Veselnitskaya attended a movie event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. where Russian supporters showed a movie that challenged the underpinnings of the U.S. human rights law known as the Magnitysky Act, which Russian leader Vladimir Putin has reviled and tried to reverse.

Five congressional staffers and State Department officials attended. A complaint was filed with the DoJ because she did not register as a foreign agent in violation of the law.

She was present at the dinner with the chairman of the House subcommittee overseeing Russia policy, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and roughly 20 other guests at a dinner club frequented by Republicans.

Rohrabacher doesn’t remember her but said he understands she was at the table. He believes she was there to campaign against The Magnitsky Act and the adoption issue.

She was granted a parole

Loretta Lynch was the one who granted her parole.

This Russian lawyer had been denied entry to the U.S. but in late 2015, she was granted a special immigration parole by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch to help a Russian company, her client, in an asset forfeiture case.

There have to be hundreds of attorneys who could have handled that in the U.S.

The lobbying she was doing had not been approved, yet she was allowed to stay in January 2016. More incompetence? They went out of their way to let her stay.

“In October the government bypassed 
the normal visa process and gave a type of extraordinary 
permission to enter the country called immigration parole,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Monteleoni explained to the judge during a hearing Jan. 6, 2016, the hill wrote.

“That’s a discretionary act that the statute allows the Attorney 
General to do in extraordinary circumstances. In this case, we 
did that so that Mr. Katsyv could testify. And we made the 
further accommodation of allowing his Russian lawyer into the 
country to assist,” he added.

The same reasons were given for the extension of the parole for another six months.

No further explanation has yet been offered by the DoJ or the State Department, the hill reports.

Grassley wants all the documents

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has demanded the U.S. government provide him all records on how Veselnitskaya entered and traveled in the U.S., a request that could shed additional light on her activities.

Interviews with a half dozen Americans who came in contact with Veselnitskaya or monitored her U.S. activities in 2016 make clear that one of her primary goals was to see if the Congress and/or other political leaders would be interested in repealing the 2012 Magnitsky Act punishing Russia or at least ensure the Magnitsky name would not be used on a new law working its way through Congress in 2016 to punish human rights violators across the globe.

There’s zero doubt about that.

All who interacted with Veselnitskaya in the same way that Trump Jr. did, also claimed to not know who she worked for or what her motives were.

“Natalia didn’t speak a word of English,” said one source. “Don’t let anyone tell you this was a sophisticated lobbying effort. It was the least professional campaign I’ve ever seen. If she’s the cream of the Moscow intelligence community then we have nothing to worry about.”

Hmm… Apparently she spoke in English to Donald Jr.

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