20 Police Sent to Arrest Tommy Robinson for Covering a Protest


It is fine for half a million marauding Palestinian Hamas supporters to threaten to destroy Israel, but not for Tommy Robinson to cover a peaceful march of Jews in London. An army of police was sent to arrest him when he wouldn’t give up his right to cover a peaceful march as a journalist. First, they gassed him and he was just standing in place, doing nothing.

For weeks, police refused to arrest terrorist Hamas supporters raising Hell.

Robinson was forcibly removed before he could cover the event.

It is what happens now in England if you speak out against the invasion of your country by illegal aliens.

As the longtime social media-banned Katie Hopkins said, the police have prostrated themselves to those who would wish them ill.

He said he was acting as a journalist and called out the police as fascists.

He was arrested for causing “alarm and distress” by his existence at the protest.

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