Loudoun County HS Students Walk Out Over the Rape the School Ignored


Students could be heard chanting, “Loudon County protects rapists,” as hundreds walked out during school hours on Tuesday.

Loudoun County is a very divided community with board members, teachers, and parents upset over the Critical Race Theory curriculum — some for and others against.

What really poured kerosene on the inflamed situation were the board members lying about and covering up the rape of a child and then getting the upset father of the victim imprisoned for ten days for becoming unruly at a board meeting.

The rapist was dressed in a skirt and was in the girl’s bathroom at the time  of the rape. The school board meeting that night was to pass a proposal allowing boys declaring themselves as transgender to use the girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

The father was upset over the fact that the Superintendent lied at the meeting about his daughter’s rape.

The Loudoun County School Board and the Superintendent cared more about ideology than children.

It seems hundreds of students get it. They walked out to protest sexual assault.

What happened to the support of women and girls?

The child’s rapist has since been convicted.

There was a second rape by the same boy weeks later because the school simply put him into another school in the district after the first rape.


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