Obama’s “Fake Outrage” Lie- Dress Wearing Boy Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Smith’s Daughter


Obama’s “Fake Outrage” Lie-
Dress Wearing Boy Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Smith’s Daughter


A judge has found a teenage boy guilty of sexually assaulting a female classmate in the girl’s bathroom in Loudoun County’s Stone Bridge High School.

The law firm representing the Smith Family released a statement on Monday about the judge’s ruling that said in part:

“We are relieved that justice was served today for the Smith’s daughter. This horrible incident has deeply affected the Smith family, and they are grateful for today’s outcome.

No one should have to endure what this family has endured, and now their focus is completely upon their daughter’s health and safety as she progresses forward with her life. She is a very smart and strong young woman, and she is deeply loved by her parents. ….The Smith’s daughter is a survivor, and a fighter, and we are confident that she will grow even stronger with each passing day.

The Smith family wants to thank all of those in the community who have demonstrated their love and support over the past few months. The Smith family stands stronger than ever in moving forward to ensure that those responsible in the Loudoun County School system are held accountable, so that this may never happen again to anyone else’s child.”

The victim’s father, Scott Smith, says his family if planning on suing the school system.

Mr. Smith may very well not be the only one suing this cesspool of arrogant, corrupt bureaucrats.  A second charge against the same predator is pending.  Investigators say the teen forced a female classmate into an empty room, where he groped her.

Someone alert ex-president Barack Obama.  At a McAuliffe campaign event Obama took to bleating about “these phony trumped-up culture wars” and “fake outrage” being pedaled by “right-wing” media.

Two Virginia families, and their young daughters, needlessly traumatized  from an easily preventable horror, put the lie to Barack’s “fake outrage” BS.




  1. The vast right wing conspiracy!? Hory shet!
    If Obama is the demotivational did I do that, my work is done here, Urkel, does that make Emperor Jo Jo Magoo Let’s Go Pinocchio?
    Shh…don’t tell the one but the real outrage is at the pump (now almost $4 for 87 octane) and grocery while there is an increase in overall rudeness and most people just don’t give a F’ about an ex-president’s feelings.

  2. So let’s be clear about this, Barack Obama clearly does not care about Rape, if it will get in the way of immoral Communist Democrat Liberal Loser polices and agendas. In the mind of Barack Obama, Rape is OK when committed by a sociopath with Gender Dysphoria or worse, someone pretending to have Gender Dysphoria in order to commit Rape. But then, Rape seems to be OK with Democrats. It was alleged that Bill Clinton committed Rape on numerous occasions, but “The System” protected him because he was a good little Democrat. Why any woman is a Proud Democrat is beyond me.

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