Loudoun County, VA parents to take back their schools


Loudon County, Virginia parents scorch the school board over Critical Race Theory, a program that teaches hate and racism towards whites and the United States, and the Board members’ efforts to silence all opposition.

These parents plan to address the board and the board decided to bus in Planned Parenthood, the AFL-CIO, and other aggressive special interests to counter the parents.

The board has been holding private meetings eliminating the parents. The school board members subvert the process by meeting on two private Facebook groups. Only their friends are invited. They have a pattern and practice of operating without accountability and transparency. The Board ignores parents and only listens to loud special interest groups.

The parents now have a movement to take back their schools. They want to recall the school board.

Loudoun Board members and their allies planned to infiltrate parents, expose them, and hack their websites. Then they were going to silence and intimidate them. It’s about Critical Race Theory.

There are other issues like refusing to open schools, attacking people for exercising their free speech rights, violating rules of transparency, and more.


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