Louisville Mass Killer Murdered to Prove Guns Are Bad


Connor Sturgeon is the Louisville gunman who murdered five colleagues at a Louisville, Kentucky, bank. He reportedly left behind a manifesto outlining his anti-gun beliefs. Then he murdered his colleagues to prove guns are bad, especially rifles.

The manifesto was discovered by authorities while searching Sturgeon’s home following the shooting.

According to reports, Sturgeon, 25 years of age, wrote in a manifesto that he was against using guns. He believed that they should be banned.

Reportedly, he expressed frustration with Americans refusing to subvert the Second Amendment.

Sturgeon thought by murdering people, he could prove how easy it is to buy a gun. Sturgeon also wanted to highlight the country’s mental health crisis.

Now, where is trans killer Audrey Hale’s manifesto???

Sturgeon’s Distraught Family

A police scanner reported that Sturgeon left a chilling voicemail to a college friend, who was his housemate, that he was suicidal and planned to kill everyone at the bank. It was right before he committed the murders.

His mother, Lisa, and younger brother, Cameron, contacted the police. The shooting had already started.

Sturgeon’s distraught family issued a statement a day later: “No words can express our sorrow, anguish, and horror at the unthinkable harm our son Connor inflicted on innocent people, their families, and the entire Louisville community.

“We mourn their loss and that of our son, Connor. We pray for everyone traumatized by his senseless acts of violence and are deeply grateful for the bravery and heroism of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department.

“While Connor, like many of his contemporaries, had mental health challenges which we, as a family, were actively addressing, there were never any warning signs or indications he was capable of this shocking act.

“While we have many unanswered questions, we will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials and do all we can to aid everyone in understanding why and how this happened.”

All said there were no warning signs before the calls, which came too late for them to save some of the people.

Nine others were wounded.

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