Lt Col North: Thanks to the embassy, the Taliban is hunting down our allies


Thanks to the US embassy, the Taliban has the disk drives containing all the personal information of Afghans who helped us. They have their addresses, phone numbers, even bio-data. Taliban are currently being hunting them and their families down.

It’s also important to mention that the Chinese communists are in Afghanistan working with the Taliban to see how they can humiliate us further.

The incompetence in the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies, and the administration is astounding and devastating.

Lt. Col. Oliver North has more on this important information.



The US is reliant on the Taliban for safe passage and it is humiliating. Biden was warned although they continually lie about it.

I’m starting to worry that Biden really is the person running the government.

The Wall Street Journal reports that two dozen State Department officials serving at the embassy in Kabul sent an internal memo to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and another top State Department official last month warning of the potential collapse of Kabul soon after the Aug. 31 troop withdrawal deadline.

This is according to an anonymous source, but it has been confirmed in other media outlets. Ric Grennell said on Hannity this evening that it is true. The officials just couldn’t take it any longer. They saw what was going to happen.

The cable, sent via the State Department’s confidential dissent channel, warned of rapid territorial gains by the Taliban and the subsequent collapse of Afghan security forces, and offered recommendations on ways to mitigate the crisis and speed up an evacuation, the two people said.

The cable, dated July 13, also called for the State Department to use tougher language in describing the atrocities being committed by the Taliban, one of the people said.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

If the embassy officials were so worried about the taliban taking over then why didn’t they destroy the storage devices all the sensitive information was on? Or maybe the worthless Blinken did not authorize it. I don’t know but this whole affair and the damage it is doing to our credibility in the world is nothing short of treason. And to think the main stream media claimed Biden restored credibility and respect for us on the world stage. They’re a useless joke too and their lies and coverup of the incompetence and deceit of Biden and the whole Democrat party is nothing short of treason too.

The End Game Is Here
The End Game Is Here
2 years ago

A feature and not a bug to the traitors, look what happened to Stevens in Benghazi, no loose ends.