Macron Says Putin Wants ALL of Ukraine! Negotiations Only Set Up Humanitarian Corridors


Russian and Ukrainian representatives are meeting again today to negotiate a ceasefire or a peace agreement. Ukraine says today that it has agreed with Russia to create safe corridors backed by cease-fires to evacuate civilians, deliver aid. The second round of negotiations ended and that is all that was decided.

According to President Macron, after speaking with the Russian President, he believes Putin wants all of Ukraine.

Putin has said that Ukraine is part of Russia which means he can take it all, in his mind.

Macron said the Kremlin has no intention of backing down from a war that “is going according to plan” and the French presidency warning that Putin appeared determined to invade the entire country, the New York Times reports.

“Our analysis of the military operations is that the Russian ambitions are to take control of all of Ukraine,” said a senior official in the French presidency, who briefed reporters on the 90-minute conversation between the two leaders and said Mr. Macron expressed “pessimism” after the call.

Nothing is certain about the success of Russia’s operations, but “we have to expect that the worst is to come,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in keeping with French government practice. “There is nothing in what President Putin said that should reassure us,” the official added.

The call, which the French presidency said came at the Kremlin’s request, was the third discussion between the two leaders since the start of the war.

Well, they are warning nuclear war and allegedly said their military is nuclear combat-ready. They are ready for anything.

Then again, would he tell anyone what he is actually thinking?  On the other hand, judging from how his military is handling the assault, he can do exactly what he did in Syria. And that is, bomb them until he bombs them into complete submission.

According to the Times, this is how the call went from the two perspectives:

The French official offered a grim assessment of Mr. Putin’s determination to pursue the conflict, saying that the Russian leader repeated a lengthy list of grievances and perceived slights from Western countries that he said had forced him to act. Mr. Putin also repeated demands that the Ukrainian government and other European countries have already deemed unacceptable, the official said.

Mr. Macron told Mr. Putin that he was making a “serious mistake” and was “deluding himself” and “looking for pretexts” with his assertions that the Kyiv government was run by Nazis, the official said. Mr. Macron warned that Russia would pay dearly, leaving the country “weakened, isolated and under sanctions for a very long time.”

In its own readout of the call, the Kremlin said that Mr. Putin had told his French counterpart that his main goal was “the demilitarization and neutral status of Ukraine.” Those goals, the Kremlin said, “will be achieved no matter what.”

Mr. Putin also denied that Russian forces were attacking civilians, dismissing them as “elements of an anti-Russian disinformation campaign.”

Perceived or real, Putin does believe he has been victimized. But he always did regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, at least in terms of territorial control.

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