White House Will Not Let the Pandemic Emergency Go – Will VETO the Bill


It’s no surprise that Joe Biden will veto the bill to end the COVID national emergency. He just asked for $22.5 billion for COVID. It’s a new ATM for the wild spending administration.

Senate Joint Resolution 38 would terminate the emergency declared by former President Donald Trump on March 13, 2020, which was extended multiple times by President Joe Biden.

Terminating the declaration would “unnecessarily and abruptly curtail the ability of the Administration to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Executive Office of the President said in a statement.

“COVID-19 has posed an unprecedented public health challenge for the United States. Although we have made tremendous progress in combating the virus and are moving forward safely, the virus continues to pose a risk to the American people and our health care system. We must also be prepared for possible future variants,” it added.

Passing the bill “would be a reckless and costly mistake,” the White House said, adding that if Congress does pass it, Biden will veto it.

Biden and his comrade handlers will not easily give up the power that this emergency gives them.

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1 year ago

Where is the pandemic? It is over! No need for this Emergency Order any longer! This needs to end!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I recall Trump verbally ending the emergency for the federal government around October 2020. The agencies and states ignored him

dollars as pennies
dollars as pennies
1 year ago

But, but, but, muh printing press?