Mad Max calls for riots if Chauvin’s acquitted


Didn’t Donald Trump get torched for allegedly inciting a riot when he didn’t? Now we have Maxine Waters, the angry rep from California, calling for the Democrat communist rioters (Antifa and BLM) to “stay on the street” and “get more confrontational” if Chauvin is acquitted in the Floyd case.

After seeing the actual facts of the case, it seems Derek Chauvin would have been acquitted if the trial was in any other locale besides Minneapolis. He might not be acquitted with the jurors listening to weeks of crying over the tragic loss of George Floyd and [questionable] evidence. Especially with the angry hordes waiting to attack them if they vote the wrong way.

Rep. Waters wants the place burned down if he’s not sent to prison. She’s also letting the non-sequestered jury know that they better find him guilty of something. Waters said, “We’re looking for a guilty verdict…for murder.”

That’s also the reason for the angry mob outside the courthouse and the riots in major cities.

Waters doesn’t want justice. She wants revenge.

She has done this on several occasions.

Sounds fair by Democrat standards.

Watch her suggest the Right is all racist and her peeps need to riot:

We like this next comment, censored fully by Reddit. We believe the Left wants their peeps to think it is 1942 so they can keep us divided.

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