Magic wand alert! Biden’s ‘build back better’ is Obama’s managed decline


Canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline is a gift to Warren Buffet, China, Venezuela, and Russia. It’s also making us dependent on the Middle East energy once again.

Our oil and gas will now travel by truck, rail, and ship. Rail is the biggie and it’s definitely not as safe as the pipeline which has proven to be amazingly free of safety issues. The rails are controlled primarily by one of the big Democrat donors, Warren Buffet. So, Buffet’s happy no doubt.

Venezuela and Russia will see their market shares go up. Democrats apparently want that.

As for China, Canada will now be forced to sell to those big polluters and Maoists who torture their own people. They have no choice.

Say hello to Cali’s rolling brownouts and blackouts.

Biden will buy all our solar everything from China, employing more slaves but few Americans, maybe some people here illegally.

Joe Biden claims to love infrastructure. His “Build Back Better” program commits to infrastructure programs that create “good-paying” jobs and achieve “net-zero” emissions. However, trucks, ships, and rails have emissions. Pipes don’t!

But it’s not about that, is it? It’s about making us into socialists.

Canada spent billions on this pipeline and we screwed them. Biden called Prime Minister Trudeau and quelled the anger. Did he promise them free money?

After all is said and done, this will do nothing for the climate but it will wreck our economy. Thank a Democrat as Biden’s henchmen manage our decline again.

Remember the magic wand speech? We know from Trump’s economic success that Obama lied to us about having to manage a decline since jobs weren’t coming back.

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