Impeach 46! Biden’s gestapo used teargas on mostly peaceful protesters


Biden’s racist stormtroopers are attacking innocent protesters just trying to burn down an ICE building. This is not who we are.

You would think they were insurrectionists or something. They are mostly peaceful protesters trying to express themselves. This is one of the groups of lovelies that Kamala Harris and Biden staff help get out on bail.

Impeach 46! Impeach 46!

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Trotsky Airbrushed Out of Photos
Trotsky Airbrushed Out of Photos
2 years ago

The useful idiot comrades have a short attention span and they will be the last to figure out how they got pwned and played.
Nomenklatura apparatchik status won’t ever be happening but they are free to enjoy a CHAZ utopia in the spirit of the people’s collective unity.
Minnesotastan or Sheattle have some good burn it all down by any means necessary pickings left and comrade kommissar lil’ Georgie Sorrows will pay the fare to get there.
Think of it as an edgy “resistance” rebel On the Road with Jack Kerouac tweeter twit 21st century style!
Some EBT table scraps won’t go very far as the grocery isn’t rated too big to fail and the rent jubilee is over.
The sad trombone has pepped up as the band plays a jolly little galloping ditty on the deck of the most popular unsinkable regime ship evarz!

2 years ago

Nice satire in the headline!

Be careful though; the leftists may think you’re serious.