Bill Maher, Michael Moore Hit a New Low with Disgusting Remarks


Some on the left, notably Michael Moore and Bill Maher, despicably condemned Mrs. Owens’ appearance at the joint address last evening because they claim she was a prop. Mrs. Owens is the widow of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens and has three small children at home. She had the courage to come to this historic occasion to honor her husband and his great sacrifice. She’s not a prop. She’s an intelligent woman who made the decision, not as someone who is weak, but as someone who is strong and courageous.

The left brought Muslims and illegal immigrants into the chamber last night. Are they props? They invited Khzr Khan to the DNC convention last year to insult Donald Trump. Was he a prop? They can’t have two standards.

According to Sean Spicer, he asked her permission beforehand to acknowledge her, which she granted.

It was an important two-and-a-half minutes. People have to know the sacrifice these courageous soldiers and sailors make. People need to understand the great suffering the families go through. Then we have two-bit couch sitters like Moore and Maher who don’t know what it means to love one’s fellow man and one’s country that much.

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