Mail-in ballots on the way to all voters for CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall


California Governor Gavin Newsom will face a recall election on September 14, 2021. Although there will be in-person voting, every registered voter in California will receive a ballot in the mail. What could possibly go wrong?

“All California active registered voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the September 14, 2021 recall election. Your county elections office will begin mailing ballots by August 16, 2021,” as stated on the California Secretary of State website.

Two questions will be on the ballot. First, “Shall GAVIN NEWSOM be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor.” A simply majority will result in the governor being recalled.

The second question is more complicated. “Candidates to succeed GAVIN NEWSOM as Governor if he is recalled:” Following will be a list of 46 candidates from which Californians can choose as their new governor. Obviously, Newson’s name will not appear on the list.

If the recall is successful, then the candidate receiving the most votes will be the new California governor. Only a plurality is needed. In other words, the candidate need not receive over 50 percent of the vote, as is required in some states.

Considering how many officially recognized candidates are vying for the position, the winner may receive only a small percentage of the total votes cast. Write-ins will also be accepted.

Newsom is already on the ballot for the next election as governor in November 2022. Potentially, Newsom could be recalled in September 2021, then reelected in November 2022. Only in California.

CalExit, the California independence movement, has been actively supporting the recall. Founder Marcus Ruiz Evans hosted several debates with candidates campaigning for governor if the recall is successful.

But the recall of a sitting governor is only one of California’s political problems.
Calexit’s next goal is putting California secession on the ballot. Their goal is for California to secede from the United States and become its own country.

But first things first. There’s a recall to be determined on September 14th.

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  1. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat election.It is an opportunity for every Californian to express any and all of 1000’s of possible grievances, Everything from having to stand in line too long at the DMV to the lack of proper law enforcement or even grievances against law enforcement. Among the 47 candidates Elder could very well prevail with a simple plurality of maybe just 30% of the vote, maybe less. Hopefully, not only will Elder prevail but give us hope of toppeling the massively incompetent Obiden Administration.

  2. Mail-In ballots? Bwahaha! What a third world turd is Chiquitastan.
    The laughingstock of the world soon to be conquered good and hard by external enemies after the green light is given by a Long Marching fifth column of traitor RATS.

  3. Well, once again, we caught the Democrats rigging the system, we allowed them to achieve their illegitimate goal, we failed to punish them, and we never fixed the cheat that they used so they’re able to use it again. And then we act surprised when we learn they’re cheating (AGAIN) and it’s too late to stop them. Again. Sometimes it seems like Americans are TRYING to hand America over to the Communists.

  4. OF course Newsom will win by cheating and the pathetic Californians will suck it up and take it like the ignorant sheep that they are

    • In reality, we in the New California movement are signing affidavits that are causing those who committed fraud in the elections (and more) to step down, be arrested, etc. One is for Newsom as well. So you see, not all Californians are ignorant. In addition to New California, many organizations are standing up to the tyrant government and taking empowered action instead of wasting time and criticizing other states.

  5. In the last paragraph, the words are SECEDE and SECESSION to indicate the formal separation from the Union.

    Shame on you and your editor.

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