Mailchimp purges Virginia gun rights group


Mailchimp suspended the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), a gun rights group. They didn’t give a reason or any recourse.

Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski reports that the VCDL, a top advocacy group for the Second Amendment in Virginia, was simply sent an email telling to them to pack their stuff and go.

The tech giant failed to provide any reason for the decision. The blackout has left the group scrambling to find an alternative.

“There was no justification,” Philip Van Cleave, the president of the VCDL, told the Washington Free Beacon. “They provided nothing. Basically, they just said we need to get our stuff and be prepared to move on.”

The ONLY reason to kick them off is because they are a strong gun rights advocacy group.

In a copy of the company’s email to VCDL obtained by the Free Beacon, Mailchimp cites unspecified risks as the reason for the suspension: “In this case, our automated abuse-prevention system, Omnivore, detected serious risks associated with the account,” the email says. “That said, this risk is too great for us to continue to support the account. We have to ask that you seek a new vendor for your email marketing needs. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.”

Okay, then.

VCDL hadn’t commented on the Capitol riot, election conspiracies or encouraged demonstrations or anything recently about Virginia gun legislation. Their messages focused on plans for their annual Lobby Day event on January 18.

The purges are across the Internet and they are censoring anything the Left disagrees with.

The Left hates the Second Amendment, and the First, and the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth. If you lose one Amendment, you lose them all.

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