Hey DoJ, CNN might have colluded with Antifa at the Capitol


Uh oh, was CNN and an Antifa guy or guys in on the Capitol riot which now looks planned? You decide.

This is footage of CNN’s Jade Sacker inside the U.S. Capitol with far-leftist(s) John Sullivan celebrating after they allegedly infiltrated Trump supporters and incited a riot, “We did it!”

“You’re not filming this are you?” asks the Antifa guy.

“I’ll delete that shit,” he says.

They seem to be happy about this so-called “insurrection.” 

Oh, look, more Antifa video:

John Sullivan did act as a provocateur:

These are allegedly Trump supporters (I’m not convinced) and they planned the riot:

This was August. It is an inciteful Schumer, but he only had a handful of people so it didn’t go further:



  1. But Snopes, Newsweek (we’re all comrades now) said that the Antifa flyer from November telling the comrades to infiltrate MAGA was satire.
    Those Fakebook pages bragging about infiltration were also “meant as a joke” according to the enlightened ones.
    Illuminated beings wouldn’t lie to us as they build the golden utopia.

  2. It’s WORSE than that. The same crowd, Pelosi, McConnell, DOJ, CIA, Big TECH, Corp’s., Certain RINO and Dem officials were in it. Proof you say? Well, we already know that Capitol Police were warned of activists coming TWO days before and Pelosi and McConnell forbid extra police protection. Now we have over 20,000 Storm Troopers at D.C. NOW. The stealing of the election and all that follows is an attempt to squash the Trump movement. So….how do we go forward now to not only preserve our Democratic and decent movement but expand it? All the violence,theft and destruction was from the left…all Planned!!!

  3. P.S. The first thing we need to do is LEARN to live out without Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon. If we don’t, we will lose our Republic. Use alternatives!!

  4. I’ve believed the whole thing was planned and staged. First, Trump hater Chris Wray’s FBI admittedly knew about it for several days and did nothing about it including not informing the President. Despite the capital police chief asking for more support, Pelosi and McConnell refused and the DC mayor also refused extra federal law enforcement help. We saw video of the capital police opening the barriers and actually leading protesters orderly into the Capital, they weren’t rushing the building and we learned, including pictures, John Sullivan was present when Ashli Babbit was shot, only a fool would not accept there were more ANTIFA & BLM present. I believe this whole thing was staged and timed to coincide with the challenges to the electors to stop them and keep those challenges out of the Congressional Record.

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