Major Airport in The Netherlands Bans Private Planes


The Dutch government is busy destroying their best asset, farms, but they won’t stop there. Now they plan to ban private jets from the fourth busiest airport in Europe to allegedly save the planet a hundred years from now.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport announced its plan to shutter all-night flights and private jets from its runways beginning in 2026. A Dutch-government-majority-owned company oversees the airport.

In case you doubt it, this is the beginning of Big Brother. People don’t believe their lyin’ eyes:

Personally, I don’t believe they will ever stop the private jets. The elites will say they need them.

However, The Netherlands is a pilot country for eliminating many of the farms. Activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek said it will cause a food shortage, and that’s why you see insects popping up everywhere.

Legal Insurrection said, “Private jets are an intriguing new target of climate crisis activism, especially since their use in Europe has soared.”

“A private jet aviation boom shows no signs of slowing.

“Analysis published Thursday by environmental campaign group Greenpeace showed the number of private jet flights in Europe last year rose by a whopping 64% to reach a record high of 572,806.

“Private jet emissions, which have a disproportionate impact on the environment, were found to have more than doubled in Europe in 2022, exceeding the annual per capita carbon emissions of 550,000 European Union residents.”

There’s more at Legal Insurrection, but I’m more interested in Agenda 2030 which calls for destroying farms and ranches. We’ve signed onto it under Biden, along with the Paris Accords.

Biden is destroying ir undermining the underpinnings of fossil fuels – refineries, depots, power plants, tankers, and everything gas, coal, and oil. He is demanding we move to all-electric, making us wholly reliant on Maoist China.

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