Making Book Burnings Great Again


We can’t find anything about this online or on the school’s website and we believe the teen in the clip is satirically mocking CRT

North Allegheny Senior High School students in Wexford, Pennsylvania allegedly threw out books written by white people and replaced them with books by people of color.

Where would they get books to replace the ones by whites? And why didn’t they show them being thrown out? This is satire. Their point is the opposite of what it looks like.

Perhaps they’re just being teenagers, but we think they’re being ironic.

They allegedly replaced the books with POC authors and thanked their CRT teachers. CRT is anti-white and anti-American.

@dkrill21 and we replaced them all w POC authors ❤️ #crt #teacher #teachersoftiktok #FerragamoLetsDance ♬ Thot Shit – Megan Thee Stallion

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Dave Poich
Dave Poich
1 year ago

The liberal Communist CRT loving racists known as the Democrat Party are ruining the minds of students by teaching this teaching? indoctrinating this crap. CRT is like BLM, just another bullshit excuse for blacks who always have a chip on their shoulder because they feel “the man” is suppressing them, when in reality the are lazy and don’t want to work for what they want. This is being pushed on them by white liberals who say they are for minorities rights, when they say and do what they do to keep the minorities under their thumbs. If these young white people are this stupid then either they have parents who don’t pay attention to what they are being taught, or don’t care. Either way it is s sad day when this is being pushed on students that are to stupid to know what has happened to them.