Ukraine Pushed for NATO Membership Today Under Threat of WAR???


Alongside German chancellor Olaf Scholz, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the country’s ongoing ambition to get a NATO membership, despite Russian opposition. In a televised exchange with President Vladimir Putin, Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said negotiations are “far from exhausted”. US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will discuss the situation on Monday afternoon.

At the same time, Biden has said NATO has an open door policy and Ukraine can join.

Why are they doing this? It provokes Russia which does not trust the West and fears invasion, warranted or not.

Ukraine means border and that’s how Russia sees them — as their border — their buffer.

Biden said we don’t want US soldiers in Ukraine because that would mean a 3rd World War so why doesn’t he shut up about NATO? Why doesn’t Zelensky shut up?

Theory and facts published at Republic Broadcasting Network give another perspective.

We don’t need to have Ukraine as another foster child we need to protect. Perhaps it goes much deeper than that. Strategic Macro, the source for Republic Broadcasting, thinks it’s a deep state intel operation.

If the coup and all the deep state efforts to lie and manipulate the public hadn’t happened, along with the weapons of mass destruction event, we’d say this is absurd. However, some of it has to come into play given the power and objectives of US intel. US intel is actively ruling over our nation and foreign affairs to some degree.

The Ukrainians aren’t building up along the border, allegedly, and Russians only added to the 90,000 troops when NATO armaments went out to Ukraine. If accurate, that certainly puts a different slant on all of this.

Ukraine’s Goals

Ukraine doesn’t want Nord Stream 2 since it circumvents their nation, avoiding $3 billion in transit fees. Also, there are also Nazis in the military who want Donbass back. This is Ukraine’s last shot before Nord Stream 2 goes live.

Ukraine built up forces in Oct and used newly received Nato weapons, such as a TB2 drone to strike 15kms behind the ceasefire line. They have crossed the ceasefire line to attack villages a number of times, perhaps a lot.

This is a Ukraine journalist firing a howitzer towards the area:

However, the BBC Kiev correspondent notes little frontline expectation of an invasion:

He also made note of the financial costs which are prohibitive.

The price of oil is going up. Perhaps that is what Russia wants.

Russia Doesn’t Need War

Russia responded to the events in October by increasing troops from 90,000 to 130,000. They didn’t want the heavy weapons going into Ukraine.

Then the Western media said Russia is ready to invade.

Russia wants the Minsky treaty and the Donbass region to vote to join Russia. Most of the residents have Russian citizenship.

A conflagration could happen, but it’s not likely, the reporter states.

A Russian diplomat claims the invasion was cooked up by Americans to cover up their Afghanistan flop.

America, UK, France, Italy Want What?

According to the report, America and the UK are unlikely to agree to any Russian security guarantees. They will likely try to periodically antagonize Putin and his security people, which is conjecture. However, this week it seems France and Italy are willing to negotiate security with Russia.

“By claiming Putin might invade imminently they justify sending more arms (Germany would block a NATO MAP) and can provide NATO training to an Army that has neo-Nazi elements within it,” the report states.

“Then when Putin does not invade they will be able to claim diplomatic victory and claim that they stared down the Russian threat.”

Nancy Pelosi already stated that if Putin does not invade, it means Biden was successful with diplomacy. What a crock.

That certainly looks like manipulation and false narratives, as Macro claims.

Russia doesn’t want Nord Stream sanctioned nor does Europe since it would raise prices.

Perhaps this entire affair is being blown up to cover up Hillary’s treason?

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