Malicious Third Party Actors Faked Ties Between Russian Bank and Trump Tower


Free Beacon reporter, Adam Kredo told One America News that “It wasn’t very well reported,” but the Department of Justice revealed just last week that some of these ties between Trump Tower servers and Russian entities might have been “stooged”.

Russian Bank Asks DoJ Help Unmasking Malicious U.S. Actor

He’s referring to an article by Circa reported last week that Alfa Bank, a Russian state bank, asked the U.S. Justice Department for help in unmasking a computer inside the United States that has been making it appear as if a computer in Trump Tower has opened a backdoor channel between Moscow and President Trump.

The bank believes “these malicious attacks are designed to create the false impression that Alfa Bank has a secretive relationship with the Trump Organization,” an anonymous source told Circa.

Alfa Bank reports it has never had a relationship with Trump or any Trump companies.

The pings between the computers began in February with two more this month. According to the bank, the activity between Trump Tower and the bank was being spoofed or hacked by a masked computer – a third party – in the U.S.

The third party sends a signal to Trump Towers with a Russian signature causing the Trump server to falsely return the communication to Moscow.

The pings last May through September were deemed to be routine communications but that is being looked at again by Alfa.

The Russia-Trump Tower Investigation Was Led by a Clinton Supporter

Circa reported that one of the scientists who raised media concerns about the Trump-Russia computer connections was L. Jean Camp, an Indiana University researcher who made 22 donations totaling more than $1,500 to Hillary Clinton last year. She told Circa that her political donations had no bearing on her concerns about the data gathered by a loose group of colleagues who believed the connections should be investigated by the FBI.

The Indiana professors accusations were reported in hard-left Slate and the FBI did look into it upon their request.

We do now know that every major state actor, including the U.S., has malware that can make it seem as if a foreign entity is communicating with almost anyone.

Mr. Kredo discusses it with Liz Wheeler in the video clip.



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