Man Killed with a Skateboard


Remember how Prosecutor Kraus said Kyle Rittenhouse should have let the violent radicals just “beat him up a little” since he had a big gun? Well, what’s in a skateboard as a weapon? Kyle was hit twice in the head with a skateboard and a man just died from getting hit with a skateboard.

The man used his skateboard in the act of self-defense in a Santa Ana Starbucks and ended up killing the aggressor.

After authorities arrived, a man in his 50s was transported to Orange County Global Medical Center where he succumbed to his injuries.

The other person involved, a man in his 20s, remained at the scene. He was taken to the Santa Ana Police Department for questioning.

It was unclear what led to the fight, but witness Carmen Gomez, who worked nearby said the man in his 50s was yelling and screaming at a woman.

“He was like, ‘You’re going to pay. You’re going to pay. Everybody’s going to pay.’” That’s when I walked away and I thought this guy is talking a little gibberish,” the witness said.

Witnesses also said the man appeared to be acting erratically outside of the coffee shop, even banging on one of the shop’s front windows.

He acted aggressively toward the man seated with the woman he was screaming at [for some unknown reason].

The witnesses felt the young man hit the man with his skateboard in self-defense but he was inconsolable as he was transported to the hospital.

What? We don’t have any self-defense rights anymore. Just ask Kyle Rittenhouse who was hit twice in the head with a skateboard.

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